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ETHEAL –  is a globalization in the field of health. We have a business plan to pursue the opportunity of being “Steemit add Salesforce Healthcare” that have revenue potential $100. Global health needs are projected to reach $8,700 billion in 2020. It certainly increased $300 billion per year. In addition, according to Visa and Oxford Economics, medical tourism is expected to grow to $540 billion in the year 2025 with the shocking increase of 25%.

Ecosystem Etheal
1. Have a list of health professional Blockchain-based incentive platform and content that help patients save the cost to $7,000-$50,000 for effective treatment. Patients can search and order specialists from all over the world, indexed by area of focus and methods of their treatment.

2. Transparent smart Contract transferable with the belief system and reviews that can be pinned. Score Etheal Trust (ETS) will reflect the reliability of the public purse an address. Score is a combination of factors, including how early and either address specific wallet to important and popular content, as well as how many have an address token HEAL.

3. Automatic Platform on Blockchain-based UX environment-friendly so that patients and health care providers can be contacted anonymously. Service providers and patients can choose and anonymously get token HEAL the views and interact with advertising, communications, and research survey paid by pharmaceutical companies.

We currently have a solution as health services comparison site that consists of 141,858 lines of code and already serves more than 2.5 million visits a year at two opposite poles in the world. The expansion into Brazil and 380,000 listings provider care takes only one month with different initial estimates we expect CTO about three months.

Our goal is to build a decentralized version 2.0 of our successful solutions based on the 141,858 lines of code and serve 2.5 million visits a year. We had planned every step we increment the value of ecosystems to maximize Etheal in the shortest time possible. Allocation and the exact time of the Community Funds is at the discretion of Etheal and will probably undergo changes in the future. These funds will be allocated to the spirit of growth with the aim of developing the Etheal Ecosystem.

Contract intelligent move belief system and a transparent review of transferable trustworthy users when determining potential target. ETS (Etheal Trust Score) reflects the general reliability of the address of the trust. It is based on trust and values based on a meritocracy where if a user selects a topic early to be popular then you get a higher score for it.

Etheal give the option whereby patients and health professionals get token HEAL by interacting with advertisements, surveys and research to corporate Pharma. For each payment is processed in the system Etheal, 15% will go to Fund Endowmen Contributing weekly (WCEF), which is distributed to patients and health care providers for their contribution to the Etheal ecosystem. This will ensure the active involvement of the patient and physician in Etheal ecosystems.

Etheal is present in the form of digital currency that is named with the token HEAL. Token Heal itself will go on sale on 29 November 2017 until December 17, 2017. There will be a total of 100 million million token Heal provided by team and developer, with a price of 1000 Heal Ethereum equivalent to 1. The purchase token itself can be done with other digital currencies like the Ethereum. To purchase token and Bonus allocation is done in accordance with the agreement of the teams and developers.

Etheal is the fruit of teamwork that is working with managers, developers, consultants, marketing experts and experienced professionals in their field. the attempt to give their best to their ability in the project. Moreover, Bitdegree is composed of several teams, and some super team. A team has been formed, gently land will apply the new system that is being lively applied for the creation of a qualified individual.

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